Top 12 Proven strategy to Promote YouTube video In 2021

Before get in to the topic i think you should be aware in which industry your , what the strategy to get success , how it is work and all then we talk about promote Youtube video .


Basic awareness about your industry make a lot benefit for you and keep you stand alone with success .


According to the data given by MerchDope There are 1,300,000,000 people using you tube all over the world and in every single minute there are 300 hours of video uploaded on you Tube and each day 5 billion videos watched each day .


Why i am telling you instead of the telling you how to promote YouTube video ?


Because before dive into the river you should be aware to its depth that is why I am telling you.


By the way congratulation to all of you that your in one of the best money making industry that are YouTube  but how can you grow your channel and how to get more views on your YouTube video i will explained everything step by step here .


Promoting your YouTube video is very best option that every one choose because it work faster than waiting for view after uploading the video.


Now lets have a deep talk about the topic .


How to promote YouTube videos : 

There are so many way that really helpful in promoting your YouTube video free or paid both but you should be aware which one is best for you .


  • Make Objective oriented videos
  • Do SEO of your each videos
  • Link your latest video in description
  • Create topic focusing thumbnail
  • Allow visitor to take action
  • promote YouTube video free by Sharing
  • Conduct Q & A Session
  • Scheduled influences interview
  • Create your own blog
  • Ask other blogger to link your videos
  • Make YouTube videos in two language it helps 
  • pay to promote YouTube video through google ads


After doing lots of research i found this eleven major factor that help to promote your YouTube videos , not only promote even help getting more subscribers for you Channel .


Now lets discuss one by one for all the 11 factor,


  • Make Objective oriented videos

Your videos should be objective oriented because every visitor comes to your video along with some objective in their mind if your videos not satisfied them then your audience will stay no longer with you.


Let me explained what is objective oriented videos ?


When you saw this post and you click to read the post because this is your objective related post that objective you had decided before landed here.


so, as a source its become my responsibility to justify your objective by providing proper information on how to promote YouTube videos .


If your videos are objective oriented from starting to ending then you have good user experienced also.


In short , Don’t forget about the objective of the videos discusses on it from beginning to end never distract or lost your objective that is major factor that you have to know as a YouTuber.


  • Do SEO of your each videos

Now your viewing second phase of promoting YouTube Videos , you are familiar now with objective oriented videos .


In this Section will talk about one of the most important major factor that decided where your videos comes in YouTube videos search list.


Well , Now in these days competition become increased on YouTube , and its become hard for YouTube to decided which videos are better among the bunch of videos they got every days from YouTuber.


How you can stand alone from the crowd with  a better content you have that is decided by your SEO .


Now how can you do proper SEO of any videos in this section we talk about that .


1.Do keyword research on which topic your videos will be 


Keyword research is the basic term that we all know and doing keyword research its tough task so give your time in keyword research.


if you get a proper keyword then believe me no body can prevent you to make money and visitor as well .


There are different paid and free tools available in the market for keyword research.


There are Some Keyword research tools are shown below. 


Google keyword planner : – 


promote YouTube video


Google keyword planner are free any one can use it for doing keyword research,  in google planner you have to put your keyword on which your going to make video then press enter button.


Now you will get the volume of searches for that particular keyword along with difficulties and you can also have a related keyword that you have to use it in your video title.


Keyword Research on YouTube : 


promote YouTube video


YouTube could be your partner in keyword research just Put your keyword in search bar and get lots of keyword idea with related keyword for your video you can use them as a secondary keyword .


After getting your suitable keyword you have to add them in your video title and if possible then add some emotional words and power word with current year  (i.e.,promoting YouTube Videos in 2020).


Keyword Research on Semrush :

promote YouTube video

Semrush well know tool for advanced keyword research , most of big blogger are using Semrush for keyword research because as a researcher what are you looking that you found on single place. 


Put the keyword in right to keyword magic tool then press enter you will have lots of keyword idea like volume, trend , keyword difficulties , CPC , Competition , Result etc .


2. Keyword in Video Title :

promote YouTube video

After getting you ideal keyword now you have to put your keyword in title of the video because it is very important when your promoting YouTube video.


Suppose my keyword is “How to weight lose in 1 week 2020”  put this keyword in your video title basically your title will suggest google search engine what the video about.


Title = Capitalize your heading title  + use emotional word  + power word  + current year like 2020 + catchy title.


3. Keyword in Video description 

I hope you have complete the Video Title section with your ideal keyword but this is not over here.


Now you need to give description about your video it should be minimum 500 word add you keyword  there in description along with other related keyword.


3. Keyword/brand name in video tags

Video tags is the last phase of SEO part so it should be amazing ending of SEO for promote YouTube video, in the tags option you could be put your keyword or if you are running any business , company so put the your brand name there.


  • Link your latest video in description

promote YouTube video

This is very best way to promote YouTube video , in this strategy your one promoting video will be viral along with your existing video because your put your another video link in description . 


This type of planning mostly used by the youTuber who make video in series one by one on same topic to complete the chapter.


like SEO Topic , Digital marketing , affiliate marketing etc ,. mentioned topic need a many video to complete one topic . for example if your blogger so you can talk about SEO in which you have to make video on On page seo , off page seo , keyword research , etc.


Suppose, you have made your video on off page seo topic then before uploading it make sure you dropped your on page seo video link in description by doing it your on page seo video will also get view without any separate effort for it.


  • Create topic focusing thumbnail

promote YouTube video

I think you will have a proper idea of the topic after showing this thumbnail it is called topic focusing thumbnail .

Whenever you visitor will see your thumbnail then your thumbnail should be able to tell what about the video is.

you can create topic focusing thumbnail without any much effort what you have to do is just make sure about your video topic then create a thumbnail its help a lot when your promote YouTube video.

  • Allow visitor to take action

promote YouTube video

Your visitor are the mirror of your YouTube channel therefore you should be ready for welcoming of their action which comes in the form of subscribe , comment , like , dislike , share , etc.,


This things play unavoidable role in promoting your YouTube video apart SEO because if your content/video touch the heart of user then it will go higher in the rank even in view of YouTube or on the internet .


So always be ready for users action which tell you where you should be work to make your content more interesting. 


  • Promote YouTube video free by Sharing

promote YouTube video

The logo you can see above in the picture can change your life if they worked once for you because they have a strength to make anything possible as they have huge people on their website.


but they work if your content has the potential so you can not leave content part in viral of video.


Now what you have to do is just share your Video after publishing on YouTube as much you can share as much it viewed by people conclusion you will get conversion . this is best part of Promoting your youtube video free to get instant website traffic.


  • Conduct Q & A Session

promote YouTube video

I think you are wonder to see this section in the article of Promote YouTube video right?


but i will tell you how much this section important for you when your running YouTube channel .


Suppose you will have a great audience and everything is going fine with your channel but somehow your video view on you-tube channel may be stuck somewhere it means your missing something in video but who will tell you that ?


Yes your user will tell you , they will tell you what they want from your content , what change you should take in your video,  etc., this all information you can collect from conducting Q and A session. 


As much your audience understand your video as much they share it and your video now promote without any effort.


  • Scheduled influences interview

promote YouTube video


Conduct interview with other blogger ask them to come on your channel and give their valuable suggestion to your audience in which field they are , by doing it your audience engaged with your channel forever.


Everyone want to see their ideal in which field they are working  because it make them courage to do something big and this information comes by your channel so in this case your channel will boom as well your YouTube channel will also.


  • Create your own blog

Create your own blog and there post your all latest youtube video because once sometime your audience will not able to come on youtube so they watch your video on your blog.


If you have a blog then you can generate extra income from google adsense or any other site are also available to earn by blog. To start Blog you need hosting and domain name but always try to buy expired domain.


  • Make YouTube videos in two language it helps 

Neil Patel one of the best blogger across the world said that making video in multiple language will  help your video in promoting worldwide .


I don’t know what the language are you using while recording your YouTube video but also try to give subtitle as you can see in the picture it will help you to grow your channel and promoting your YouTube video as well.


  • Pay to promote YouTube video through google ads

Google ads work much faster than any other source but its paid conduct only paid promotion .


On google you can promote your YouTube video by paid google for that but it will work rapidly to generate audience as well as view but its little bit costly for newbie YouTuber.


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