lynda affiliate program allow you make 800 $ per day step by step process

lynda Affiliate Program Allow You Make 800 $ Per Day Step by Step Process

If you’re looking for an online platform to make a huge amount of money then you can go with the Lynda affiliate program.


It is one of the best affiliate programs on the internet because when we are talking to earn more money then you can suggest this program to anyone.


Before getting into the topic you should be aware a little bit about Lynda.


What is Lynda? 

Lynda is providing online courses like software development, design, business, web development, photography in which they have various courses from beginner to expert level.


One who wants to learn online for the above-mentioned courses they can do simply sing up after doing it they will able to learn for which courses they have enrolled.


How you can earn through Lynda affiliate program?

Suppose you have a website or blog where your writing post on digital marketing, design, web development, and something like that.


you have to refer any of the courses that exist on Lynda through their affiliate link along with the latest banner, link text, and free trial offers.


Once any of your user will click on that affiliate link and sing up to start learning then you will be paid $40 per month subscription for trail basis of the course after completing one-month trial subscription if the user will plan to buy the full course in that case you will earn 35 percent of the sale.  


How Lynda affiliate program works?

Step 1 -First select any of the courses as shown in below: 

lynda affiliate program

After selecting the course as per your website niche then paste those course links on your website for an advertisement.


Step 2- I posted a link about learning selenium on my LinkedIn account, you can write a separate blog on this on keyword and paste the link on your website or you can use Facebook to promote it.

lynda affiliate program

once any one of your users will show their interest in that course as well as click on the course link they will be landed on the official website of Lynda as soon as they sing up your earning going to be start.


How much you can earn through Lynda affiliate program?

As I wrote in the title you can earn 800 dollars per day or even more than 200 dollars because it depends on traffic.


Suppose you are driving 500 traffic towards Lynda website per day now according to Lynda they would pay you 40 dollars per sing up for any of the courses where they are providing a 1-month free trial basis.


it means suppose only 20 people will be enrolled for a 1-month trial for their selected course. therefore you will be paid 20*40=800 dollars per day.


that is why I am saying there is no limit of earning money it all depends how much sing up done by your website through the Lynda affiliate link.


How to Join the Lynda Affiliate program?

Click on this link

After clicking on that link your will be re directly come here on this page.

lynda affiliate program

Fill all the details like Account, additional, personal, tax, review etc, once have you completed all this task you will be able to use it.


Generate Instant money by Lynda Affiliate program (Bonus Tips)


  • Through YouTube

well this post is all about to make money so these tips only for my reader, now everything will be clear in your mind about Lynda.


Now you can make a video on the Lynda Course in which you have to explain all the benefits of the courses, content quality of Lynda, value for money etc.


The next step is to promote your video on YouTube to get more views and engagement of people as many people involved as much sign up will be made by them and earning become start.


  • Through Facebook

Nowadays Facebook becomes very useful for new business as well as the old one because Facebook provides various services to get instant website traffic on your website in a single day.


After you have written your article on one particular course of Lynda then put it on Facebook and use Facebook advertisement service to generate instant website traffic.

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