New Trick for Instant website traffic Step by step Proven Strategy 2021


Well Are you looking for instant website traffic that’s great but just think how good it could be if you have instant website traffic  easy way ?? isn’t it ?


So Today here in this post i am gonna tell you some trick or magic that will surely make your traffic boom.


Well just in few year or you can say few month google continuing changing its policy for giving best experienced to the visitor.


But , by changing this policy most of blogger confused how to make strategy to being stand in the race of getting traffic .


Therefore , we have assemble to short out this type of problem , but the question is still same how ?


Ans : –  Here I am gonna tell you 23 most powerful as well as genuine way to get instant website traffic .


Lets Start learning , 


Among of few people think traffic only comes from google , bing , yahoo or other source of search engine .

But let me tell you frequently  .


This type of supposition is false because today many of new site getting million

of traffic without any single search engine .


Are you surprised ?? 


But yeah its true ,  Now the question arise how did they do it ??


Well clearly they just did advertise their site from different different social

media platform once user comes and they get in to know  then they

will become daily user of the website and  their website become a brand slowly.




May Be You all Know them if not then you defiantly know a page of name

Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes Videos .


So Why i am showing you ? What I want to prove by this ?


Wait !! Wait !!   


I will explain you it they are the founder of this Facebook page and they posted

jokes message , funny pictures , funny videos as well as doing movie review . 


You know what , they have website also where they send millions of traffic just

because of a single Facebook page .


Now Just Suppose , Really they need to perform SEO for their website ?? May

be Policy will be changed of google sometime but they become now a brand so

people search them in google by their name or tag .


Its a only one Example to  getting Traffic without any SEO .

i have thousand of way to get more Traffic without any SEO strategy .


Getting Smile on face ? That’s Great We did our half work by just smiling once,

now its time to make it possible .


16 Ways To Increase Instant Website Traffic


  • Use Attractive Blog Tittle

Infectious Headlines are the manner in which you can get more guests,

Since they draw in the client to tap on your blog and read your post.

Appealing title expands the CTR and furthermore positions your blog fast on

google, many brilliant blogger and influence utilize this strategy to get a huge

number of guests in a single hour.


 Don’t use Simple Headlines 


Since in the today world, numerous guests don’t care for basic and exhausting features,

They need something alluring which really work for them.

Snappy Headlines additionally significant for getting social offers,

As a result of nobody click on your connection via web-based networking media

in the event that you don’t have snappy and great features which dazzled the



Tips For Writing Catchy And Great Headlines for instant website traffic 


Use Numbers – Using number is the best procedure to get guest since

individuals like the post which contain numbers like – “1o best games for

android client” this sort of article is called list article and guest are interested to

peruse this since they got a lot of information.


Web optimization Optimized – In Article must incorporate your center

catchphrases so they help the google to discover which watchwords you are

focusing on, and this tip is an absolute necessity for you.


Make Your Title Understandable – Make your title like individuals can

comprehend that what you are advising to them in the event that they don’t

comprehend your title so they don’t go to your blog and invest energy in it.


Make It Awesome – Make your title marvelous implies that if the watcher sees

your title the first run through on Search Engine, So they become inquisitive to

see your post and this encourages you to keep up your bob rates.


Include Interesting Words – Adding a few watchwords which draw in clients

and encourages you to get traffic. These are the tips which you use to show

signs of improvement CTR and traffic from Google.


  • On-page SEO :-

On-page SEO


WHAT is on-page SEO : – 

On-page SEO alludes to the improvement of site structure and substance –

anything that is on the page (instead of off-page SEO).


Let Start,


Page Title  – Optimizing the title encourages you to improve your

advancement. in the event that you utilize your watchwords in h1, h2 labels so

they help the google crawler to locate your fundamental catchphrases.


Amazing Meta Description – Add the meta portrayal which encourages clients

to comprehend your post.


Make High-Quality Post – Make Quality Post and attempt to offer information

to your guests and convert them into your crowd.


Make You Website Faster – Speed is one of the most significant elements of

On-Page SEO supposing that the client goes to your web page and your site

speed is lowed, So the client returns on google and this builds your ricochet

rate and diminishes your Google Ranking.


Image –  Use Some image to proper explain your content to user . Image should

be relative to your content .


Friendly Url – Its most important part of On Page Seo always use Friendly Url 

which consist your targeted keyword in it.

  • Spend Time in Off Page SEO :-


Off Page SEO is the most ideal ways which you can utilize and expand your



Off Page is the equivalent and, Best SEO factor-like On-Page which causes you

to expand your positioning.


Let Start And Discuss The Factor Of Off-Page SEO,


There numerous variables of Off-Page SEO yet in this, I will talk about a few

and significant SEO factors which encourages you to help your positioning.


1. Getting Back link  – Back Link  is essential to rank on google however you

need to just concentrate on building an excellent connection that encourages

you to rank.


2. Video Submission–Video Submission causes you to construct your marking,

If you will transfer a video on a site like – youtube, facebook so by this you get

an opportunity to get a lot of traffic from internet based life.


3. Blog Promotion – Blog Promotion is the manner in which where you can

advance and get traffic from various sites like Quora and Reddit.


4. Advertise or Branding – As i Explained you the advantage of advertise

yourself earlier . branding yourself it helps you to build trust toward your people.



  • Use Light Theme –

Great Theme consistently causes you to build site traffic in such a case that you

are site not looking great so how individuals can confide in you and purchase

Product from you.


  • Write Long Articles

Write Long Articles

In this days many blogger believe in that if your article consume more than

1000+ word or more, then chance of it ranking increase .


 Buzzsumo said that Long Content gets more shares than another article.


  • Paid Advertisement : – 

Paid Advertisement is the paid way where you can drive more deals even traffic

to your site or blog.

Numerous bloggers utilize these approaches to get traffic and you can utilize

these approaches to expand your site traffic.

Trust Me!

In the event that you do Proper Optimization of promotions, at that point you

can create attractive salary from your site.

By Doing This you will blessed by thousand of traffic but you make your site to

be famous might be it could help you by getting of back link .


  • Email Marketing : –


Email Marketing

Email marketing play important role when we talk about getting instant website

traffic .

Is that tough ? Not really .


You have to use email pop option in your blog because once user register

himself in your email system then it will push notification to your existing user

when you published any single post . 


On the off chance that you do email advertising, at that point you can make a

huge number of dollar through it and furthermore you can direct people to

your site by simply messaging them.


  • Make Facebook Group : –

Make Facebook Group


We can drive a huge amount of traffic through Facebook Groups, Many Bloggers have a Facebook gathering and their


Facebook bunch they share intriguing realities, SEO News and remain associated with their peruses.


Indeed, even I began my facebook and developing it like a rocket and with the

assistance of my gathering I share numerous new things and certainties there.


You can likewise drive traffic through facebook bunches by simply following these means:-

  1. Join other facebook gathering and offer your article there.
  2. Make your very own gathering and help individuals by your article.
  3. Do blog advancement to remain associated with Facebook Groups.
  4. Posed inquiry in the gathering as often as possible and make your gathering Super Active.

In the wake of applying every one of these techniques you can direct people to your blog entry.


  • YouTube Channel : –

YouTube is the best stage for sharing your video and you can exploit this by making some educational recordings,

Numerous bloggers like Neil Patel are transferring you tube recordings and drive a ton of traffic.

Similarly , Backlinko Also did same things to get lots of traffic quickly .


But why i am telling you this while you know already about them ,

Because you know them that i knew but we should also know what they do to

getting tons of traffic so that i am telling you .


Today people starting branding their self just because to build a strong

relationship with other blogger or to connect with all people who are blogger

or business person .


But question arise why they did it ? 


Just remember one thing business is not running by having lots of stuff but also need good relationship , trust .


But How  you have this thing? 


I have the answer just by you tube channel where your visitor going to know about you , trick given by you , suggestion given by you and then these all convert a strong trust on you .


And Business growing with trust .


  • Do Guest Post :-


Well we know about post . but what is guest post it may be new word for some new blogger or may be you knew about it .


let me explained Guest Post means we are publishing our article on other website that is called guest Post .


But why should we have to do it ? 


because at initially level no one know about us , so how can we grow our self , how can people come to us without having strong SEO plan .


In this case guest post help us a lot because its not giving traffic only but also provide a back link .


you know that Back link is very useful to grow our channel’s ranking . 


  • Choose the Best Social Share Plugin : –

Social Share Plugin is critical to get traffic and offers from internet based life,

Using the best social module causes you to show signs of improvement result.

Huge numbers of you are utilizing the social fighting module.


Social fighting is become most noticeably terrible social module after there bug,

Many web journals are influenced by this update.


Social Snap is the best WordPress module which is accessible paid and free

both, This module is the great module and I am utilizing this module from one

month and I become the devotee of this module.


  • Use Quora :- 



What is quora ?


Well let me explained , Quora is the website where people make a question

answer on particle things , topic etc.


But question is that how does Quora helpful to us ??


See quora has million of traffic in single days so, if we give answer of any

question on quora it will create a relationship between you and the one who ask

the question . 


gradually, people start knowing you that will truly help in build back link or

generate valuable traffic .


Some Bloggers are mainly giving answers on Quora and add some link of their Affiliate and make money from Quora.



  • Spread Your Link On All Platform :- 


Oh ho .. I think this is the easy way we can do , because today i think no one

deprived from social site like Facebook , twitter , Pinterest , Instagram , this list

may be countless .


its very helpful to get valuable traffic from it . just share your every content on

this platform and try to make it your practice whenever you published any

single post .


sometime we have seen many of video , post , image and everything that has

something valuable information may viral fast by social site .


  • Use Video content in post : –

Well , Now few decade people become changing i means to say the switch their

self from reading to watching or listing through video content . 


Because now reading content seem boring to read while video content has some

funny way to explained what blogger want to say .


So people are looking video content also .


Question arises how much video does a post should have ?

Well , usually one video can fulfill all the essential information so try to make it

short and informative . 


  • Take Part Comment On Others website : –

great everything going well so now why this new method also essential ??


Because it has something new that is again relation bond with other blogger ,

whenever we comment on other blog 


it should be look like as we are admiring his/her work .


By doing this your not getting back link one also you have one strong relation

that is much worthy than a back link .


So, blog commenting is one of the easy way to get instant website traffic from other blog .


  • Quality Post Get Shares : –


Well many people can write content but when we come on quality check of

content few of them qualify in this test .

because writing means does not playing or assemble the word .


But , it has many more ………


Lets we discuss in details ….


Are you have seen ever new paper article ?? i hope you had seen . 


So what you had observed ??


We observed that on every single paragraph, they sprinkled something sticky word  that help us to stay with it more and more time but this all comes with quality information for that we are being there .


And many people discuss or talk about this type on article in officer , work place , home , any other place .


You know what why because that new might be have information with entertaining way .


So try to write good quality content with creative way that will not making bored to reader .


Therefore , You your Post like be informative with entertaining way . it will also help you to get more share and back link and Instant website traffic .


Try this tips it will grow your visitor number on your site .


  • Old is gold :- 

By Case Study of our reader blog,


I think our teacher , parents , grandfather/mother always said old is gold and yes its true in SEO also.


But how ?


Many Successful blogger said that updating your old content increase your google ranking .


I had also seen by implementing  this method  really its helpful to me generate traffic .


Don’t think that posting new post will increase your ranking but also updating is one the biggest factor .


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