How to Raise Hand in Zoom: By Laptop & Mobile (Updated 2021)

As we all know that everything is shifted towards online like office work, education, business everything and one application is in demand called zoom apps. Zoom launched with many features some of them are making video call, conducting meeting, whiteboard, and if anyone has doubt then can raise their hand during meeting.


To Raise hand you have to click on more option to get it if your using mobile while other side you should click on participant option to see raise hand option if your using laptop/computer. 


So today I will tell you how to raise hand in zoom during meeting, class etc. there is two way to ask about your query first you can raise hand and communicate directly to the speaker or second way you can write down your query in the chat box or called Q&A box. 


let’s start discussing about it in detail and step by step.


Method 1 – how to raise hand in zoom on laptop


If you’re attending meeting/webinar by laptop/computer then you will have window something like that.


How to Raise Hand in Zoom
How to Raise Hand in Zoom


As you move toward “participant name’ you will have following option below it as shown in the picture. So you need to click on that hand icon once you clicked host will able to see that someone raising hand and then he will allow you to talk.


Apart from this, you will have many other option like yes, No, Go Slower, Go faster.


Yes – Sometime teacher/boos will ask are we clear so far during meeting then without saying any word you can click on yes button.


No – Reciprocal of first Yes one.


Go Slower – If you think meeting is going faster and you didn’t getting anything then you can press this button.


Go faster – Reciprocal of above one.



Method 2 – how to raise hand in zoom on Mobile


Mostly people attending webinar/meeting on mobile therefore it is very important to know how to raise hand in zoom on mobile device. 


How to Raise Hand in Zoom
How to Raise Hand in Zoom

As you can see my mobile screen that shown in this picture so here we don’t have any visible option to raise hand during meeting that is why many student faced problem here. 


So, here you have to click on “more” option once you clicked there you will have many other option.

How to Raise Hand in Zoom
How to Raise Hand in Zoom


After clicking on more option you can have this all option with emoji and there you can see Raise hand just click on it and host will get you. 



In this article we have learn about how to raise hand in zoom by laptop/computer/mobile. we have discussed two method that will enough to solve your query but still if anyone have doubt please comment below we will happy to help you.


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