6 Things Know to Buy Expired Domains With Sites To Buy Expired Domains 2021

Most of new blogger may buy expired domains instead if purchasing new one.


But question arise is it helpful ? 


according to my opinion yes sometime is worth if you have a best one domain.


let me tell you one story about me , what i did when i was new in blogging field .


Actually it is happened when i supposed to start new blog but before starting my new blog i want to be sure about which  type of domain would be helpful for me.


because if i will purchased fresh and new domain so i have to make a link for it.


Now days building link is becoming tough now to getting traffic ,i am not talking about bad link , i am talking about quality back links .


So , i decided  to buy expired domain because it will good for me here i will get working domain and may be i got instant website traffic due to its already made backlink.


doing this i will be get tons of back link without any effort .


very easily i bought expired domain and got 48k back link along with it and the page UR of domain was 21 and domain authority was 20 .


But one mistake done by me , i have not checked spam score , google penalized test that was the big mistake done by me. 


When i add that domain into my google search console and found that it has a manual penalty by google due to spamming on pages.


i made all effort to get back that domain without contamination of spam but that was very hard task .


I messaged google for reconsideration request but they refused 3 times , so in this deal my money and time all effort was worthless .


Therefore always checked the domain you like on some essential parameters before buy expired domain.


Check domain before buy expired domains in 2021

  • Check the DA/PA of the Domain you want to buy
  • Check the Spam Score of the Domain you want to buy
  • Check the Domain Banned in Google 
  • Check Domain Banned in Google ad sense
  • Check Domain’s Back link Coming from
  • Check the Archie of Domain


Check the DA/PA of the Domain you want to buy

I think DA/PA play a major role in ranking of any particular website in google .that is why all are looking for the domain name which have high DA / PA .


If your failed by testing this test may be you got unsuccessful of choosing best expired domain .


it is the only chance when you can have a high DA/PA website without any effort behind it so don’t miss it always check DA and PA of any website which you plan to buy.


here is the some website which allow you to check DA/PA without any Fees .


WSC is best site to complete this task without any problem .

Step-1 : WSC

buy expired domains


Step- 2 Enter all the details require then follow as i mentioned in the picture below.


buy expired domains


Step -3 Just scroll down little bit then you will be able to see DA/PA .


buy expired domains


Check the Spam Score of the Domain you want to buy

According to me, spam score contribute in penalize of domain as i told about what  i did earlier , my expired domain has 63 percent spam score on it which lead the  domain in penalized.


Therefore , you should be super aware testing spam score when buy expired domains in 2021. 


Generally spam passed through the back link the website owner made in earlier days and all the website link to the expired domain would be adult site, Chinese website etc .


here is the some website which allow you to check Spam score without any Fees .


Step – 1 Click here  Spam Checker

After click on spam checker you will be landed to a page which look like as shown below .


buy expired domains

Step – 2 

Give all the details like domain name and click on spam checker option you will be able to see the spam score of the website .

buy expired domains


Check the Domain Banned in Google

it is the main task that you have to complete , suppose you found great domain name with great DA / PA but just think once what happened if the domain name penalized by google.


Therefore , as you found you desire domain name as the same time you should check the domain has affected by google or not .Now what you have to do, Just write it like  site:domainname.com in google and if you found result as shown below it means google penalized your  expire domain which you bought .


buy expired domains

Is this penalty will be remove ?


Yes it could be removed for that you have to send a mail to google team for reconsideration your domain name in this mail you should mentioned when you bought this domain name and what you did to remove spam on the domain after reviewing they will decide what to do be patience don’t feel panic because it will take 7 days or more .


Check Domain Banned in Google AdSense

Every blogger making a website to earn some revenue from it but just think what happened if you are not going to earn single Dollar from you website .


Getting money from website it is become essential that your website are clean in google eye otherwise you will be a part of penalty of google .


when you buy expired domain always check it in google ad sense test it is very important for all blogger.

Step – 1 Click here Adsense checker

buy expired domains

Just enter your expired domain there and click on shown google ads then you will know the domain is clean for ad sense or not . 


Check Domain’s Back link Coming from

Backlink is the contribute major role in distributing spam on particular website .


Always check backlink before buy expired domain because it will make picture clear you should purchase it or not .


buy expired domains


Check the Archie of Domain

This task help you a lot when you really want to used the expired domain name because you have to be clear that how the expired domain was used at before you bought it .

i means you should be clear about what was the last niche of this domain name , what was the post , page , category on that website so you can use this domain name very effectively .

if you want to check archive click here – archive


buy expired domains


6 Sites to Buy Expired Domains 2021



when your looking for buy expired domains then you have to check out expireddomain.net it is one of the best expired domain place where you can find millions of expired domain with great day and pay thousands of domain names expire everyday .

expireddomain.net has approximately 397081097 expired domain. if you want to buy expired domain then expired Dot Net is one of the best place for it.



it is a very useful place if you are looking for buy expired domains here you can find the valuable domain with all the details like Majestic trust flow and authority Majestic referring domains etc ,

you can also find when the domain will going to end. expired domain here are very cheap so you can buy useful domain from here.



dynadot is a very good place to find expired domain it will also include all that domain and will which will be going to end soon so that types of domain you can place your bid if your building is highest among all then you will get the domain as soon as possible.


Go daddy auction list

in these days godaddy become best place to buy expired domains here people are putting their domain name in auction list so if you are bid highest so you will get your desired domain name.



Flippa provide you greatest domain name and working website as well .this is the platforms for the premium seller and you can find here premium domain name and website also.


Name jet

you can also go with name jet for buy expired domain .
it Consists with three category hot picks, last chance , and open auction to buy domain name. here you can buy fresh expired domain.


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