Best step tracker apps: Top 6 best step tracker apps [Updated 2020 ]

Top 6 Best Step Tracker Apps: Best Step Tracker Apps [Updated 2020 ]

Nowadays in a busy schedule life, no one has time for a proper workout or going to a gym. But fitness is a must, it is very important to stay healthy and live a stress-free life for that there are many options available in the market, some are fitness bands, Fitbit and other the option can be of using a Best Step Tracker Apps on our smartphone.


Step tracker apps work as pedometers and are perfect for any fitness level, as it helps you to maintain your fitness level. Many of these activity trackers can also track mileage, calorie burn, food intake record, and more so you can stay on track to meet your goals.


But none of them are as accurate as your fitness trackers like Fitbit, but they can do the job in a pinch. In the past few years that wearable activity trackers have blown up, our understanding of physical fitness has evolved.


Also, doctors suggest walking 10,000 steps a day to stay healthy, which is easy to trace by step tracker app and also affordable as most of them are free of cost and easy to download in smartphones.


Top 6 Best Step Tracker Apps



Google fit is one of the best step tracker apps for Android because it was developed directly by Google in a collaboration with the American Heart Association.  It tracks way more than just steps, it also monitors all of your physical activity and your fitness goals by working with the other health apps which you already have on your phone.


This app integrated with the Run keeper, Strava, My fitness pal, and also this app support OS smartwatches as well as Xiaomi Mi bands. It includes steps, time activity, and more.


Google Fit does a relatively decent job of being a pedometer as compare to other pedometers. It makes some mistakes. However, it’s nothing that you won’t also see in other apps as it is very common and ignorable.


My fitness pal

MyFitnessPal is often considered one of the most powerful steps tracker app and also one of the best calorie counting apps. The app can use the motion detection sensors in your phone or an external device, like a Fitbit.


If you also use it to track your food intake, your daily calorie bank will adjust appropriately depending on how many daily steps you walk. it also helps for maintaining a record of water tracking.  also the option to customize your step goals so you stay motivated and on track for weight loss.


Cost:  Free / $9.99 per month / $48.99 per year for premium ad-free
version Get it for iOS or Android.


Actually, You don’t need a Fitbit tracker in order to use the Fitbit app! In addition to being a step tracker, this app can also log your food and hydration each day while managing your
health and fitness goals. Fitbit is an easy and manageable app as compare to other fitness tracker apps.


Cost: free
Get it for iOS or Android.


A pedometer is another simple pedometer app. This one also works best for planned workouts and very easy to use.  Best Step Tracker Apps a start/stop button. Thus, you can use it for that run or walk and can take a pause whenever you want.


The app also keeps track of things like burned calories, distance, walking/running time, and speed. This one may not work as well as a 24/7 step counter as you see with fitness bands or

other apps that we see above.


But the app is completely free (with advertising) so there is no cause of complaining too much about a lack of features. It’s definitely good for what it does.


Price: Free (with ads)



This app gets an impressive 4.9-star rating in the App Store, Pacer pedometer is an activity tracker, step counter, and more all in one app.  Even though the free version works as a pedometer, upgrading to the premium version gets you so many more insights on your progress — like how your activity stacks up against that of other users.


For more features and upgrade versions you have to pay a premium subscription but still, it is not so costly.


Cost: free, $50/year for a premium subscription
Get it for iOS or Android.


Map My Walk

Similar to the popular running app, MapMyWalk tracks your workout and displays your route on a map. While you’re working out, it shows you all kinds of stats that track your
performance, including distance and step count.


Something to keep in mind, Since it uses your phone’s GPS tracking feature, you might notice your battery life declining if you keep the app running in the background. This is only the drawback of this app but still it is one of the Best Step Tracker Apps.


Otherwise, it maintains the track record of where you walk or run, it is also helpful for using this app at an unknown place so that you can see your location as well.


Cost: free, $30/year for the premium version
Get it for iOS or Android.


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