5 Best Headphones Under 1000 Rs In India: Headphones With Bluetooth, Noise Cancelling, Wireless System

Headphones become one of the important part of our daily life as we can’t leave it for a single second during exercise, walking and many music lover keep their headphones all day because they are fond of listening music.

Earlier, people were using wireless earbuds for music but right now headphones took place in the market and people love to have headphones instead of earbuds.

But now we are having so many brands of Headphones and that comes in various price range. So, in this situation we faced many problem like which one to pick, which brand we can trust and more important point are they budget friendly?

Behalf of you i have done many researched to give you the best headphones under 1000 rs in India which is a budget friendly product and never regret you on your selection as listed headphones have been tasted by many user and we have collected data from them and we have selected only those headphones which is best in market and best in use.

This article have loaded with best wireless headphones under 1000 in India 2020 along with noise cancelling features and Bluetooth headphones included as well.

Best wireless & Bluetooth headphones under 1000 in India 2021

Now, we are going to reveal all the best headphones under 1000 rs that comes with all the latest technology which ensure a superior quality of the product. we have reviewed brands like Sony, Boat, Infinity glade, Leaf bass, Zebronic etc.

Let’s start to talk about those included brand one by one so that you will get proper information which lead to decide opting the best headphones under 1000 rs.

Best Sony headphones under 1000 rs

51eJUpMRnzL. SL1000
  • 1 year warranty would be there if you purchase it from authorized center such as Amazon, Flip kart etc.
  • This best headphone under 1000 comes with white and black color and some other variants also would be there but white/black color gives an attractive look.
  • If you’re a traveler and fond of listening songs then Sony MDR-ZX110 is great pick up for you and it has fold able ear pads therefore it could be fit easily in your bag.
  • The pouch of the headphones will give comfort to your ear as it is very soft and spongy.
  • If you don’t want yourself disturb by the unwanted noise then you should go with this earphone as it has great noise cancellation system and which make it best noise cancelling headphones under 1000.
  • Let me make you sure, it is not best choice for those people who loves bass in music but still it is best headphones under 1000 rupees.
  • It is good for normal use but if you’re looking for another one then be here with us and check out our suggestion.


  • Best and budget friendly Headphone
  • Comes with noise cancellation features


  • After use of long hour ears may get pain

Zebronics headphones under 1000 rs

61HGPQnvmbL. SL1500
  • Zebronics is famous for its best wireless headphones under 1000 in India 2020. As we all know that Zebronics always focus on product quality and sound quality therefore, you should pick this headphone if you’re looking headphones under 1000 wireless.
  • Its pouch is soft that will never hurt your ears if you’re fond of listing song for a long time and the material used to making its really best at all.
  • Now day’s many headphones’ companies put their extra effort to make best product and that is why here we can see SD slot on left side of the headphone.
  • It can be extending according to your head size as it comes with expandable system.
  • If you’re looking for best Bluetooth headphones with mic under 1000 then you should never ignore this headphone.
  • Now let’s talk about the sound quality so here we get 14 mm base boost driver which ensure for best sound quality and if you’re fond of listening songs then you will love this headphone under 1000 wireless due to its clear sound quality.
  • The vocal on this headphone is really awesome you can watch web series, amazon videos and many other videos smoothly with clear audio.
  • Many gamer have been using this headphone and they have suggested Zebronic Zeb-Thunder as a best gaming headphone under 1000 which Zebronic your gaming laptop will not give you next level experience.
  • Here you will get 4.2 version of Bluetooth which is less than the latest version of 5.0 due to this you will not get much latency that a latest version is having. 
  • There are three buttons like forward, backward and play/pause placed on the right side of the headphone.
  • It is one of the lightest weight headphones which have 146-gram weight.


  • Best Headphones with mic
  • Lightweight Headphones
  • Long battery life


  • Keep away from water
  • Not a latest version of Bluetooth
  • Overall plastic quality

Infinity Glide 500 headphones under 1000 rs

71CM0FCo3BL. SL1500
  • Well headphones are very important gadget for every human being as it helps listening songs during travelling, working etc,
  • We are going to review here infinity glide 500 by Harman which is never break your bank account and nor go beyond your budget.
  • If You’re looking for best wireless headphones under 1000 then you can not ignore this headphone as it has wireless Bluetooth streaming.
  • Frequency range goes 20 Hz – 20 kHz therefore you will get best music experience.
  • By this Headphones one can listen songs like Bollywood, Hollywood and many other.
  • Soft cushion Ear cups will give comfort to ear during long hour of using headphones.
  • Now days people looking for wire free headphones because that is easier to use than the wired one therefore, we have added this headphone under best wireless headphones under 1000.
  • Its 200mAh battery capacity will never disappoint you as here you will get 20 hours of music playtime under optimum audio setting.
  • Glide 500 is having Dual Equalizer features which gives you two option to listen music such as normal mode and deep bass mode under 2 different setting which is really impressed me and it is also a Best wireless Bluetooth headphone under 1000.
  • It is designed in such a way that it can be easily folded and its weight is also very less, so you can listen to songs by keeping it on your ears for a long time and there will be no pain in your ears.
  • Inside this you are also given off voice assistant facility, but first you have to paint your mobile with this headphone, after that you can take advantage of this facility.
  • Best quality headphones under 1000 because its build quality is quite good and it gives you a premium look as well as the material used in it is quite strong and is meant to last a long time.


  • Product quality is good on this price.
  • Best sound quality during video streaming
  • Battery backup 20 hours .


  • Not given 3.5 mm cable
  • can’t wear it for long time

Leaf bass headphone under 1000 rs

71SJuaMyLDL. SL1500
  • The first reason why I have listed this in best headphones under 1000 is price. Leaf bass headphone is well known for its budget friendly brand and stand long time.
  • Its ear pouch made up of soft cushion which give you comfort when you put it on your ear for an hour or more.
  • If you are a gamer and looking for best gaming headphones under 1000 then it could be the one that you should pick.
  • Leaf Bass gives a clear sound during listing music, gaming and it comes with mic as well so we called it as best headphones with mic under 1000.
  • Leaf bass headphones widely used in video editing laptops for YouTube.
  • Bluetooth connection will never disconnect if your device and headphones are at different place because its Bluetooth range is quite impressive. 
  • Leaf Bass is best headphones under 1000 with mic and mic work very error less and sound is also clear.
  • 10 hours of battery backup make your every moment unforgettable when you’re outside and the battery get charged in 2 hours only.
  • So, if one looking for best wireless headphones under 1000 then they should take this one without any confusion as it has many positive responses from buyer.
  • Best part of Leaf Bass is, it can be used through AUX cable when your battery went drained up.
  • During exercise, jogging and gym it would be helpful to motivate you through clear music experience as it is a sweat proof headphone.
  • Leaf bass known for hassle free service after selling. customer don’t have to go at service center if they faced any issue in headphone. Service person will come at your door step to collect the old headphone and send you the new one at your home for free.
  • 1 year manufacturing defect claim can be made


  • Great sound quality
  • bass is outstanding
  • Noise cancellation feature
  • Good battery life
  • Good quality body and mic
  • Great specs and adjustable size


  • For long time of use ear cushions might hurt your ears
  • The packing should be improve because it can damage the product

Boat headphones under 1000 rs

61ihz46SLOL. SL1500
  • There is no doubt in quality on boat headphones as they do not compromise in material for making product so you can buy best quality headphones under 1000.
  • 40 mm drivers deliver you best music experience with professional fine finish.
  • Talking about battery life, 15 hours playback time and once battery drained it can be charge in very short time.
  • Here we can 4.2 version of Bluetooth which ensure instant wireless connectivity along with 300mAh battery which gives 400 hours stand by time.
  • Boat Rockerz 450 designed such way that provide best user experience as it has padded ear cushions so it could be best in ear headphones under 1000.
  •  In many headphones user complaining about heavy weight of headphone which hurt ear when we put it on for long time but Boat Rokerz 450 comes with lightweight which make it best headphones under 1000 India.
  • Usually, it happens with us all when we encountering with battery drained of headphone during travelling and that time we regret and felt that we should buy wired headphone but let me tell you one thing about Boat Rockerz 450 is one can connect it through AUX cable as well which make it best wireless and wire headphones under 1000 in India 2020.
  • It is hassle free best headphones under rs 1000 as you can control music with easy access control, attend any call through built in mic and access voice assistant at the same time.
  • Boat Rockerz 450 would be the best headphones with mic under 1000 because built in mic facility gives you best hd audio all day.
  • Boat Rokcerz comes with 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.


  • Safe and best packing
  • Best Bluetooth range
  • Cups are soft and big that fit on ears
  • Clear voice quality
  • Long hours of battery life
  • Budget headphones under 1000


  • Aux cable not included with product
  • Need improvement in noise cancellation system

Conclusion:- In this article we have listed 5 best headphones under 1000 rs in India. price might have changed after sometime because that is not under our control. some of the headphone could be higher than the actual price because we focused on quality rather than price. whichever headphones you pick will never disappoint you as we have done many research before adding it in our list. if you’re a gamer, student and business man then you landed on right page as all the above headphones suites you and work fine for you.

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