Best 14 Apps That Pay You Real Money: Best Making Money Apps 2021

Today everyone has mobile like smartphones, iPhones, Android phones, etc. and we are aware that what is the importance of phones in life.


In fact we can’t imagine a single minute without our mobile phone even its not paid you single dollars.


But nowadays there are a million apps that pay you real money if you possess an android phone.


you don’t believe?


 yes I also not believing such kind of post because I spent my all day playing games or watching videos, listening to music, etc but I don’t get paid by anyone for those work.


but one day I am reading an article where I found  14 apps that pay you real money I was wondered at that time so I decided to figure out is that true?


One by one l used all the apps and the result was shocking, all those apps paying money if your work according to company rules and regulation.


I complied with all the apps with these articles and discussed one by one for all the apps that make money. 


14 Best apps that pay you real money


  • Meesho app

apps that pay you

it is a free android mobile app that allows you to make money long term through this mobile earning app.


It is one kind of reselling app in which you have to take a product from a company on particular price then sell it by your self by sharing product details like features, quality, applications of the product, etc, with friends on social apps like WhatsApp, telegram, we chat, etc.


once they like your product and buy it from you then you can sell it on your price.


  • Swagbucks

apps that pay you

Swagbucks is one of the highest-paid apps basically, it is only for the U.S. and some other country so everyone can use this app if you are living under the covered area of the Swagbucks.


Swagbucks serve you to watch videos on it, if you want to take any service from them they are ready for providing you their offers service, you can play video games as well as you can downloading video games, etc.


All thing is that apps to get paid games for free they want the user to be engaged with their apps to know about them. but the best part is that as per user prospective Swagbucks will pay 10$ on sing up done by you.


  • Surveys on the go

apps that pay you

Again it is only for the U.S based person but you can download the app by using VPN maybe its work in your case.


Surveys on the go might not the highest paying app but it could be assigned you more surveys so that you will be paid more dollars.


here you have to give your review regarding products like which one is the best between Pepsi or Coca-cola by something like that they collect million of user reviews which will be used for selling the product with a satisfying review.


Now how much they paid its more important right?


So, surveys on the go are the best app that pays you 1$ after downloading the android app, and payment will be sent by Paypal or other payment modes its depend on surveys on the go.


  • Google opinion reward

apps that pay you

Google opinion is a short term paying app and it is available worldwide.


well you’re wondering to read the name google because is google also wants to be branding their name?


No, google also a brand so they are not paying you anything to promote their name but they will assign you a task in which you have to rate something on like place, shops, etc.


For example: if you visit any place suppose a garden then Google will ask you to rate the place you visit, as much rating goes in favor of that particular place then google will recommend that place when anybody search in google map about best place near me to visit.


  • Foap

apps that pay you


Foap is the best apps to make money apart from this, it is available worldwide so that every single person takes advantage of the real money earning apps.


How it works?


if your fond of photography then be ready this is a special apps that pay you real money.


To make money through Foap you should take pictures, it should be clear and unique, attracting people.


once you complete this step then upload those pictures you took.  now just wait to come buyers.


if they like your pictures and buy it from you.


Foap only allows Paypal payment mode so make sure you have a PayPal account to get paid.


  • Fantasy games app

apps that pay you

Fantasy apps to make money for PayPal and get paid.


See where our era going on, I mean just look here the app that pays you while you just playing games only.


It is amazing isn’t it?


These apps to get paid games for free so that everyone can use it and its free of cost and the payment sent through PayPal.


  • User feel

apps that pay you


I think you have an idea of what I am going to say about this app because the Name of the app explained everything over here.


The best part of the app is that it is available worldwide so every needy person can make the highest money through these apps.


They will ask you to go on a particular website where you have to spend some time over there and share your experience with the website like is it a good site, is it worth your time, etc.


Now record your video about the experience of the site you visited and upload the video then they will rank your video once your video comes in first among all the uploaded video then you will be paid.


But the minimum you get paid is 10$ per test and payment sent through PayPal or pay union.


  • shop101

Shop101 is a similar app like Meesho so all the criteria and processors will be the same.


  • Toluna

apps that pay you

Toluna app is available worldwide and one of the best apps that pay you real money and it is easily accessible by mobile phones.


Toluna is a market research app here you have to surveys of particular things which they allocated you apart from this they conduct a free Webinar to train you regarding how to work with Toluna something like that.


It is a paid survey app for android phones here you can take more tasks if you want to make more money.


Payment withdraw only allow on PayPal so create one PayPal account for you now.


  • About Yoll academy

apps that pay you

About Yoll academy is only available for the U.S. based people or the one who has a work permit of the U.S.


It is a long term money making app but you should be a good command of English because it essential to start.


Here they will teach you IT skills through online classes but if you’re living around the branch of Yoll academy then you can learn from the physical class also.


Question is that how it makes money?


They will train you for the courses which are highly in demand so once you completed the course honestly then Yoll academy will appoint you for the next batch of the company.


  • Field agent

apps that pay you

Filed agent is highest-paid apps that make money easily and the best part of this app is you can make money from everywhere you are.


The company will give you a local task related to the place you are therefore this app is in demand for making money.


here they will ask you to show the product in grocery shops which is near you, actually by doing this they want to know how their product placed in the shop and which other products placed around it something like that.


you will be wondered to know how much they pay you?


you will be get paid 12 dollars in 48 hours after completing the task.


  • Quick thoughts

apps that pay you

Quick thoughts are available only in the U.S and you can consider it the highest paying apps.


quick thoughts is a similar app that of field agent but here you can work throughout the journey of your traveling.


wherever are you going they will give you a task and you have to complete it in between your journey. Once you’re done then you will be paid up to 10 dollars via PayPal.


  • Tap tap money

apps that pay you


Tap tap money amazing name isn’t it?


these apps only available for U.S based people and this is the last app of the list but its unique app to make money.


if you love to play games then tap tap money apps to get paid games for free is just for you.


download the app and play the app along playing the games you will be paid real money.


payment mode is the same as above.


  • Conclusion :

In this article I shared 14 proven apps that pay you for a particular task you complete and most of the apps for android mobile phones.


Most of apps spread over the world but few of them has limited area to be used.


All these apps that pay you used only Paypal payment mode and in a few cases the pay you through western union.

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